i-Itrack MyIDcard

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Active kids travels a lot between school, study centers, parks, outdoor activity camps and more. i-itrack ensures safety and traceability for quick contact with your kids. MyIDcard is small and light pocket tracker and emergency button for kids. MyIDcard offers worldwide GPS tracking with phone type calling to connect parents and kids from distance. MyIDcard uniquely blends safety with daily communication for Kids or Elders. User can communicate, locate, raise panic and get help using MyIDcard Device & i-itrack Technology.
Works globally; locate worldwide; Auto Alert zones. Independent and standalone device for all your safety needs.

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i-Itrack my ID-card for safety of your family members

Small and light micro size portable ID-CARD world GPS

for kids/elders/adults/neuro care patients | GPS location and SOS communicator

 Real-Time locationLocate in real-time location or get location history with GPS accuracy.

 Fence IN/OUT auto alertsGet alerted whenever this devices moves In/Out of defined places.

 SOS ButtonDedicated Button for safety and emergency. Press to reach world most advanced Integrated Safety Platform.

 GPS AccuracyGet the point location with GPS accuracy and if under no GPS get the best location using mobile network.

  2 way calling Talk like a mobile without cables. This device gives you hands free two-way calling.

 One Click Call 2 dedicated buttons for calling 2 fixed number and can talk like a mobile phone. Can be set using Mobile App or portal.

 Small & portableLight wight and smaller size than a matchbox, easily fits in a small pocket. It weighs just 38g.

 Silent listeningSilently listen to your kids surroundings whenever you feel suspicious about your kids safety.


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