i-iTrack MiTrack 5000

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i-iTrack Magnetic MiTraq a portable devices with super long 5000 mAh battery with world GPS chip which logs its GPS coordinates at regular interval. Data can be used for further analysis.

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i-iTrack MiTrack with super long battery backup

magnetic* portable tracker with worldGPS

for couriers/cars/trucks/wagons/rental vehicles | GPS location 

 Real-Time location

Locate in real-time location or get location history with GPS accuracy.

 Fence IN/OUT auto alerts

Get alerted whenever this devices moves In/Out of defined places.

 super strong magnet*

Super strong magnet with powerful casing to face any hardship.

 Silent listening

Silently listen to surroundings whenever you feel suspicious about it.

 Durable and waterproof

Super strong casing with water proof outer covering. Highly durable for rough rides.

 GPS Accuracy

Get the point location with GPS accuracy and if under no GPS get the best location using mobile network.

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Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 12 cm


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